VIRAS - Vector-borne Infection - Research, Analysis, Strategy Group aims and initiatives
Microscopy Pages includes spirochete studies and culture experiments
Parliamentary Lyme Meeting Documents and Presentations from the Jan 19th, 2015 meeting between patients and PHE
M.E. / CFS and Counselling Survey Results Pages Research into what happens when people with M.E. / CFS receive counselling. Many thanks to all who took the time to complete a survey and all the M.E. and MS support groups who helped with publicizing the research
Poster Presentation of above research at the 2006 BACP research conference
Jam Trax Free MP3 and MIDI backing tracks for guitarists to jam along with
Some of my Poems Some light-hearted rhymes and a few more serious themes
Electronics An Allpass (delay) Filter Calculator spreadsheet for Excel
Electronics A simple stripboard layout for a Clark 'Zapper'
Speaker Building Tip Spacing of Mid/Bass and Treble drivers is important
Speaker Setup Tip Economical and effective speaker supports



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