Analysis of the Survey Data

These pages are some personal interpretations of the data submitted with the surveys - I hope you will find them interesting. No names of respondents are included in any of these pages. Please use the email link on the main page to submit comments.

Notes on Presentation

Survey Statistics

1/ Pain and fatigue caused by M.E./MS

2/ Thoughts about self-harm or suicide

3/ Fears, coping, the future

4/ Relationships

5/ Adapting to life with M.E./MS

6/ Childhood / family background

7/ Anger and grief at how M.E./MS has affected your life

8/ Feeling hurt by people's misunderstanding of M.E. / MS

9/ M.E. / MS issues and Efficacy

10/ How counselling works

11/ Perceived counsellor qualities rated by respondents

12/ Client learning

13/ Psyche

14/ Existential

15/ Efficacy

16/ M.E. group, variables

17/ Composite criteria comparative charts

18/ Further analysis of the data

19/ Validity of the Data

20/ Conclusions

21/ Considerations

22/ Blame

23/ References