Vector-borne Infection - Research, Analysis, Strategy

VIRAS is a non-profit group comprised of patients and professionals with knowledge and experience in Lyme borreliosis and coinfections, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

Our members are qualified and experienced in science and research, ethics, biology, psychology, psychotherapy, teaching, business and media.

VIRAS group objectives are:

VIRAS pages:

Survey of 120 UK Borreliosis patients as PDF

Parliamentary Lyme Meeting Includes 2 presentations by VIRAS members

Isabel Symptom Checker Survey for people diagnosed with Lyme, M.E., CFS, preliminary results

Lyme Borreliosis incidence in England and Wales VIRAS referenced estimate

VIRAS World Wide Protest 2016 Handout printable Word doc

VIRAS responses to NICE GDG Draft Scope for Lyme Borreliosis:

6 Months from Early to Late.PDF
Bb Species.PDF
Co infections.PDF
Diagnostic Testing for Lyme Disease.PDF
Lyme Like Illness.PDF
Who is the Focus CFS.PDF

NICE GDG for Lyme Borreliosis Stakeholder Comments on Scope and replies:

NICE consultation Stakeholder responses and NICE comments PDF
Printable Word doc of above (85 pages)

VIRAS explanation of detection of borrelia burgdoferi with 'Fluorescent antibody staining'

Antibody Staining Explained

For more information and support on Lyme borreliosis please see

Lymeinfo and Lyme Disease UK and their FAQs for beginners.

LDUK also have an active Facebook group


VIRAS stakeholder comment on NIGE Guidelines review for M.E. and CFS July 2017: