Loudspeaker Supports

There are quite a range of supports available for loudspeakers, from spikes to progressively compressable supports derived from material developed for bicycle suspension units. These can be very expensive though can help to prevent the transmission of vibrations into speaker stands, the floor, or whatever supports the cabinets.

An economical and very effective alternative is to use Silicone Sealant formed in a mould. My local hardware store sells a silicone bathroom sealant for around £4 for a 310ml tube which requires a special gun. Smaller, squeezable tubes are available. A 100ml tube should be ample to make 2 to 4 sets comprising 6 supports, 3 for each speaker. I have found 3 supports balances the speakers just right, with 2 supports at each front corner and one at the back in the middle. Very tall or heavy speakers may require 4 or more to remain stable.

A 310ml tube of clear silicone sealant with a special dispensing gun and 6 speaker supports; 3 of 4cm for my heavier speakers and 3 of 18mm for my computer speakers.

To make the supports simply cut a cardboard tube in half. A suitable tube could be from the centre of a kitchen towel roll, kitchen foil etc. If the tube is too flimsy, strengthen it by wrapping it with masking tape before cutting. Seal the ends with sticky tape and support the mould on an old board with plastacine. Simply fill the mould with sealant and use a straight edge to level off the top. This is best done outdoors as the fumes from the sealant is very noxious. The mould should be left for about one week to allow the sealant to cure right the way through. When it has cured it is a simple matter to cut the required lengths with a sharp knife.

For speakers of around 11kg, I have found 3 supports of 1.5cm radius and 4cm long to be ideal. For lighter speakers reduce the size accordingly. I have used one set of supports for 3 years and they are just starting to squash a little, but they still prevent the transmission of most of the vibration from the speaker cabinet to the stand.