These MIDI and MP3 backing tracks were composed using 'Jammer v.4', highly recommended. The files should play with your Windows Media Player.

MP3s are 96Kbps, but they sound quite good. The quality of MIDI files will depend on your soundcard and instrument patches - but these can sound very good and are much smaller files.

These tracks are mostly simple to accompany with a pentatonic/blues/minor scale in the key given. I hope you enjoy them.

To Download Tracks - Right Click the Button and select 'Save Target As'

Bm Classic 12 bar blues, medium tempo. MP3 2.5Mb
Gm Classic slow 12 bar blues. MP3 3.2Mb
Am/Dm upbeat Rock. MP3 3.3Mb
Em medium tempo 12 bar. MP3 3.3Mb
Am ambient. Midi
Em ambient. Midi
Am slow 12 bar. Midi
Am/Em Steady Rock Midi
Am/Dm Upbeat Rock. MP3 3.3Mb Midi
Em medium tempo 12 bar. MP3 3.3Mb Midi
Jazz - use Em Pentatonic. Midi
Cm 12 bar Slow. Midi
Cm 12 bar Slow. Midi
Bm Med 12 bar. Midi
Gm Slow 12 bar. Midi
Here are some of my other tunes
Highway Midi
Carpet Growing Weather Midi
Jai Sat Chit Anand Midi

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