Borrelia burgdorferi + Borrelia garinii FITC

A long term BSK culture was stained with KPL's anti-borrelia spp. polyclonal FITC antibody (cat. no.02-97-91 Link to product page) AND Abcam's Anti-Borrelia burgdorferi garinii polyclonal FITC antibody (cat. no. ab20118 Link to product page).

Method: Approx 10 to 15uL of each fluorescent antibody stain (diluted 1:20 distilled water) on centre of slide. Added small drop (~15uL) long-term culture. 50mm coverslip with grease on each corner placed and pushed down until whole area covered with sample. At this point the sample is deep enough for continuous mixing of the sample with the stains whilst stored in a dark, humid box kept in a warm place. After 4 hours the grease holding-up the coverslip was pressed down to produce a shallow sample and the long sides of the coverslip were sealed with adhesive. Then stored for 18 hours (24 hours total) before microscopy observations.

The Control Slide was searched for the most fluorescent subjects that could be found in around 1,000 fields of view. Images at the bottom of the page show the generally modest to minimal autofluorescence of some subjects. Camera exposure time/sensitivity for the Control Slide was usually 2 to 3 times the exposure levels required for the stained slides.

The images below show matched pairs of the same field of veiw of darkfield (on the right) and fluorescence filtered images (on the left) are unedited except for cropping and size reduction. The field of view in maximum magnification images is 72 microns horizontal and vertical.

In some paired images there appears to be no correliation between the filtered and darkfield image. I can confirm that the images show the same field of view.

Control Slide:

Last update March 14th 2014

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