BSK culture experiment

Photos from a sample where many of the spirals had bodies attached:-

Photo with measurements and comparisson to borrelia burgdorferi dimensions; labels refer to the scale dimension of the lines:-

Image showing different dimensions of 2 spiral forms. Although I previously observed that when a slide dries out the spirals sometimes appear stretched; it does not look as though this would account for the discrepency in sizes of these 2 subjects (dimensions in microns):-

UPDATE: Repeat of culture early 2010 - a few new photos. As throughout, bars are 10uM unless otherwise stated:

This micrograph is from a slide which showed signs of spiral forms shown above to which was added a drop of BSK with added minerals including zinc. Many tightly coiled spirals were present.

These photos added May 20th 2010:

Mpeg Video of a spiral agent corkscrewing at high speed

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2 still images of the spiral agent in the video:


Here is another video of a motile spiral form which appeared hampered by a blob which it seems to have emerged from:

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The 2 following images are from a 7 month culture that had been examined several times previously and had shown presence of very thin and faint spiral forms (possibly not spiral - but 'wave') that rapidly produced round bodies (see the large photo above). Various length sprial bodies that are much easier to detect, thicker, denser and more refractive were then easily found.

The thick appearance of this agent is not an optical aberration. Possibly binary fission?


Update May 2011.

The following 2 images are of the same agent. This was from a reculture of culture started in November 2009.


Last update Feb 2014

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