BSK culture experiment 4

Here are some micrographs of the very tiny spirochetes. Similarly sized spiros have been found growing from and attached to borrelia (see Lymebug videos on Youtube). However, these appear to be reproducing 'rhizomatously' which suggests they are mature. The chain of 3 below (was actually a chain of 4 with one out of focus) could be shown to be multiple spirochetes by judicious prodding with the lens which broke the chain into separate individuals. The dimensions of these tiny spirochetes corresponds with treponema. It appears from the variation of wavelenths observed that growth may be occurring. It will take time to confirm this. It also appears from several observations that the spirals could be reproducing by mitosis which results in 2 spirals wrapped around each other. They then separate which could result in 2 or more spirals connected at thier ends.

More observations:




Spirochetes were often observed in groups:

Many have a coccoid body attached at the end:


Last update July 29th 2011

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