BSK culture experiment 5

Coccoid and other forms

The BSK cultures contain many agents that appear coccoid or elongated. Sizes range mostly from around 0.5uM to 1.5uM. They are often intensely bright relative to the spiral agents. I refer to these as propagules (PGs) after Prof Brorson. As seen in the previous pages these bodies sometimes appear to be connected to spiral agents at or near the end, and sometimes by a spiral branch. If they are indeed connected it is not possible to say which comes from which in these pictures; but short exposures at least allow a small amount of detail and variation to be seen. The most commonly seen forms appears like a coccoid or slightly elongated with a central pinch or division. The white bar scale applies to all micrographs on this page.

A standard cell-lysis kit did not affect these agents. An adapted microwave DNA extraction protocol for endospores destroyed a few and damaged others but the majority appeared to remain intact. (10 minutes at 900 watts.)

Note that in these wet-mounts the spiral agents occasionally attach quite securely to the slide or coverglass at or near one end, so they may attach to other things as well.






Some PGs appear to have more than one spiral attached

Same image with focus processing and levels stretched. This relatively large agent is unusual enough to possibly represent something other than the common PGs. Perhaps a tiny biofilm?


Last update Sept 14th 2011

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