BSK culture experiment 6

Rapid Culture of Spiral Forms

The spiral agents photographed on this page are from a culture only 9 days old. The slide was prepared on day 7 and had evidence of L-form spirochetes and coccoid bodies very similar to round-body/cystic forms previously observed. As noted earlier, the spiral forms that appear to be emerging from cysts tend to appear after the slide has been prepared. This is what happened with this slide as these agents were observed 48hrs after slide preparation. The sample was collected without stopping lowish level antibiotic treatment with doxycycline.

2mls venous blood in 4ml EDTA tube
Gravity precipitated for 1 hour
Serum and top layer drawn off and discarded (to reduce WBCs+antibodies)
3mls BSK added
Incubated at 33c
Continuous gentle mixing




Last update Nov 2nd 2011

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