Borrelia Garinii FITC

Some BSK-H/blood-culture was stained with Abcam's Anti-Borrelia burgdorferi garinii antibody (FITC) [ab20118].

Method: To 150uL culture in 2ml tube was added one drop of 20:1 working dilution of the FITC stain. This was kept at warm room-temperature overnight. Microscopy done as a wetdrop with 50x oil objective.

Results: Other cultures (from different donors) prepared in the same way showed only weak autofluorescence of a few subjects. The sample shown below had good fluorescence of some agents. The picture on the left of each matched pair is normal darkfield, on the right is the fluorescence filtered image. Note how when filtered, some bright subjects extinguish completely whilst some dim subjects appear quite bright. This indicates correct performance of the fluorescent stain. The tiny elongated coccoids in some images are a fair match to those sometimes seen attached to long spirochetes - please see pages 3 thru 5.


Last update January 31st 2014

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