Borrelia Garinii 2 FITC

Some fresh fingertip blood was stained with Abcam's Anti-Borrelia burgdorferi garinii antibody (FITC) [ab20118].

Method: One drop of fluorescent antibody stain (1:20 distilled water) on centre of slide. Added small drop of fingertip blood and mixed. 50mm coverslip with grease on each corner placed and pushed down until whole area covered with sample. Stored in light-proof container with small vial of water to reduce dessication for 26 hours. CONTROL (image 3): as above with distilled water instead of stain. Long sides of coverslip sealed with adhesive before microscopy.

Matched pairs of darkfield image on the left and fluorescence filtered on the right. Images edited only for noise and size.

Following images are from a control slide of distilled water/blood. They demonstrate minimal autofluorescence of lymphocytes using this method. They are deliberately overexposed to show background fluorescence levels.

Last update January 31st 2014

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