Gelatine 2

Materials and methods

The medium to hold blood cells stable on a microscope slide mini-culture was prepared as:

Deionised water with:-
Sodium Chloride 9 gms/litre
Sodium Citrate 3 gms/litre
Dextrose 3 gms/litre

Gelatine granules were dissolved in the liquid as per the manufacturer's instructions (Dr Oetker Gelatine - to create a soft jelly.

A plain slide was used for this experiment. One drop of blood and one of the gelatine mixture were put on the slide 1.5cm apart and the coverslip placed over them. After blotting, the periphery of the coverslip was sealed with microscope immersion oil.


The gelatine mixed with the blood - forming rouleaux and dense clumps as in the previous experiment, but here the blood did not spread beyond one half of the slide. This resulted in a slide with blood/gelatine at one end and mostly just gelatine at the other. The extracellular spirochetes that grew were all near or amongst the clusters of blood cells and not found where no blood cells were nearby; e.g., the half of the slide that was only gelatine. The consistency of the gelatine where the spirochetes were observed was too thick to allow any more than the sligtest of movements. Therefore the spirochetes in the photographs that are well removed from any blood cells were probably extracellular to start with.

Images are edited for noise, levels and sharpness. The scale is not the same for all pictures. For scale/measurements for any particular picture please contact me.

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