Microscopy Introduction

The following pages describe how I used a microscope to see and film bacteria in a tiny drop of blood. I hope you find them interesting. Bandwidth to the site is limited so if some of the videos will not download please try again later.

Please note: some of the following pages include microscopy videos of blood cells and wriggly organisms. If you could find these disturbing please do not click on the links.

BSK Culture Experiment Introduction
BSK Culture Experiment Page 2
BSK Culture Experiment Page 3
BSK Culture Experiment Page 4
BSK Culture Experiment Page 5
Looking at coccoids attached to spiral agents
BSK Culture Experiment Page 6
Attempt at rapid culture - spiral forms produced in a week to 10 days
Biofilms Page 7
A phenomenon pre- or early treatment possibly following long infection
BSK Culture Experiment Page 8
FITC staining borrelia specific
BSK Culture Experiment Page 9
FITC staining borrelia specific high magnification and image processing
L-form Videos
Blood and blood+BSK short culture time
Romanowsky Stain Thin film smears stained with 'Diff-Quik' and viewed under darkfield
FITC fluorscence antibody staining Borrelia burgdorferi fluorescien conjugated antibody staining of cultured blood sample
Borrelia Molecular Beacon
Molecular beacon staining images with 740, FlaB and control
Borrelia Morphology Experiment 11 donors provided samples for culture. Experiment article
Borrelia Morphology Experiment Full page version of above with large fonts suitable for printing

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