The Ballad of Frankenstein’s Creature
(Give Me a Name)

Don’t think you know me
Just by the way I look
I am not some character
You read of in a book

A giant and so monstrous
I cannot be ignored
Thanks to the horror of my look
I’ll never be adored

I know my skin’s too thin
Shows sinew, bone and vein
But it cannot reveal
What is in my heart and brain

So if you try and judge me
By the way that I appear
You will not see beyond
The mask of your own fear

I had no mother and father
To give to me a name
A man built me from corpses
Then fled from me in shame

Always shunned or driven out
To live my life alone
The only thing they give me
Is a cruel word or a stone

Some people are admired
Simply for a pretty face
Others can be valued
For a skill or gift or grace

But no one wants to know
If I could be kind and wise
They’ve already judged me
Solely with their eyes

Just think what I could give
If I were but allowed
Working with such strength
I could make you proud

Think what you might learn
From my special point of view
The change of perspective
Seeing everything anew

If you had the courage
To embrace this mighty force
You could change the world
On to a better course

But if you reject me
You will taste my wrath
For I will set a trap for you
On each and every path

And if you push me out
I’ll be hidden but still there
And I will dog your footsteps
And fill your days with care

I will sabotage your life
Break all that you hold dear
Till every waking moment
Is full of hate and fear

Relationships will crumble
And nothing will make sense
Nobody can speak to you
But that you take offence

Your perception will distort
So when you think that you enthral
If you could hear their thoughts
You would know that you appal

You’ll bore with what you think
When you haven’t really thought
Your opinions will disgust
While your efforts come to naught

Your life will be a prison
To which I hold the key
But it’s you who must engage
Before I’ll set you free

So make your peace with me
You have everything to gain
And look me in the face
And call me by your name.