Gifford the Owl

Gifford the Owl

Gifford was no wise owl
He hadn’t much I.Q.
And couldn’t even work out
What was two and two

But he would give out free advice
For an owls wisdom is reputed
And the animals did what he said
Even though it sounded stupid

"A foxes brush is what you need,"
He told a rabbit one day
"To sweep the leaves out of your hole
and keep the dust away."

So the rabbit asked a fox
The next one that he met
If he could have his tail
A moment later he was et

Gifford warned a squirrel
"If you live in a tree so tall
One night you might sleep walk
And have a nasty fall"

The squirrel took these words to heart
And moved down to the forest floor
But was eaten up the very same night
By a stoat that heard him snore

No one ever doubted Gifford
Or anything he said
Even though those seeking help
Usually wound up dead

Gifford himself died of old age
And off his branch he fell
And was found by a taxidermist
Who took him home to sell

Gifford is neatly stuffed now
A marvellous piece of work
And no one looking at the owl
Would guess he was a berk.