Gimme Nature

I want sky
Not just a couple of acres seen
between the roofs of buildings
I want a hundred miles from
horizon to horizon
a huge blue sky
shove it right in my eye

I want an oak tree
don't even waste my time with
anything less than 200 years old
some lightning damage would be ok
but it's got to be gnarly and twisty
with deep creviced bark,
oak-apples and burls

And I want grass
some dried to straw
some so green and lush
I'll wish I was a cow;
And some flowers in the grass
Cinquefoil, cranesbill
and clover with supping bees

And I want some water
I don't care what kind -
stagnant pond, babbling brook
or Lake -bloody- Wyndemere
just get me some water
with pond skaters,
duck weed and Mayflies

I want birds
a kestrel, wing tips
twitching to keep station
and dropping in stages towards its prey
And a skylark's vertical ascent
trilling and climbing, up, up
till it's only a voice in the air

And I want insects
metallic blue and green flies
iridescent bronze beetles
A strange thing with wings
that nobody has seen before
and a ladybird that
won't fly away

Never mind
jungles and savannas
with their elephants,
lions and aardvarks
all I want is one
good summer's day
in England's green

Peter Kemp
July 2010