Hilary the Dormouse

Hilary the Dormouse

Hilary was a dormouse
She lived on a piece of straw
In a very cosy little nest
But she envied those next door

Their piece of straw was taller
And had a better view
And everything in their nest
They had got brand new

They always had the finest nuts
And the tastiest seeds
And daily took delivery
Of the ripest blackberries

Hilary struggled desperately
To keep up with those next door
She begged her husband to let them move
To a better piece of straw

But then the fateful day came
When those that could move faster
Would be the ones to escape
The approaching combine-harvester

Hilary and her husband
Had moved out in just seconds
While their neighbours tried to pack up
All their fine possessions

Now Hilary lives in a hedgerow
Happy with each new day
While her one time neighbours and all their things
Are squashed in a bail of hay.