Horace the Mole

Horace the Mole

Horace was a mole
Who couldn’t see very well
He found his way around
By touch and sound and smell

One day in his burrow
He wondered what it would be like
If he could see where he was going
And how to improve his sight

He longed to have a look at
The lovely food he ate
The crunchy things and squishy things
The round things and the straight

Then one day as he wandered
Outside on the grass
He happened then to come upon
A piece of broken glass

He held the glass up to his face
And much to his surprise
It suddenly seemed as though
He had very good eyes

He took the glass into his hole
To have a look around
And see what things were really like
In his home under the ground

The little tunnel where he lived
Had always smelled alright
But now that he could see it
It was a dreadful sight

The passage was all made of mud
With roots all dangling down
And the colour scheme was awful
Everything was brown

A worm fell into the tunnel
And wriggled by his nose
"Oh dear", he cried in horror
Surely I can’t eat those

Then he saw a beetle
All black with legs like sticks
"Ugh," he thought, "If I ate that,
It would surely make me sick."

Horace then thought, "there’s one thing,
I really have to see,
I must have a good close look
At the mole that married me."

But then the glass was snatched away
From Horace the curious mole
His wife took the glass and threw it
Far away from their hole

At first Horace was so angry
And didn’t know what to say
But his sense returned and he said to his wife
"You’re the best thing I’ve seen all day."