The Perfect Bath

The Perfect Bath

The foam in the bath was steaming
With a very inviting look
But I still had to spend five minutes
Trying to find my book

I got some biscuits and cake
For a snack while I was immersed
And made a nice cup of tea
So I wouldn't suffer from thirst

Then I chose the music
To accompany my bath tonight
Deciding that 'Water Music'
By Handel would be just right

I lit a candle to create
A calm and relaxing mood
Then stubbed my toe in the half light
And yelled something really quite rude

I had to go back to the kitchen
As I had forgotten my drink
Then stumbling again in the gloom
Half my tea was spilled down the sink

At last everything was ready
Though the night was getting quite old
As I eased myself with a scream
Into a bath that was stone bloody cold.