Secrets Under Brambles
(from Tom Bombadil in Lord of the Rings)

Arching stalks that follow unknown design
Cross and weave in a Gordian tangle
And reach ever outwards as they entwine
Guarding the secret heart of the bramble

Thickened thorny columns up-hold
A spiky thatch atop the vault
Like some dark castle in days of old
Proof against the elements assault

There half-hid jewels embedded lie
Smouldering among the wormy shoots
And old-earth magic spells are signed
By subterranean cabalistic roots

Earthy truths are there sketched
In the gathering dust of ages
And in the skeletons of leaves deep etched
The wisdom of unknown sages

What ancient rituals observed
By spider, ant and beetle
Keep nature's secrets there preserved
Hidden 'neath the bramble?