Time Collapse

Time collapsed for me
These words were not drowned
By the Big Bang
Though they were spoken
As God thought the universe
Into existence

And even though
You heard them
As the last star
Guttered and went out

And we stood and faced each other
As the sun shone on the first leaf
And a man bringing love
Was nailed to a cross

And I ate a peach
And you wiped a tear
And the universe and we
Blazed for an instant

While every footprint waited
For my foot to fill it
And the air waited to vibrate
With each word spoken

And from beginning to end
I was sucked into the predestined
Future like a leaf
Tossed helpless on the breeze

And all is grey despair
When chaos is just complexity
Choices are all inevitable
And all that will happen is known

But then time expanded for me
It seems an age since those words
Were thought and the next moment
Stretches to invisible distance

And nothing is foretold
Nothing is written or ordained
And the huge void of the future
Is waiting to be filled

Thus my programming was broken
And I heft the burden of free will
Striding to the unknown
Creating time with every step

And the universe waits in suspense
For the next thing I will do
And shudders with amazement
As I write, dandelion sandwich